Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hardy, Others Injured...?

After writing about James Hardy's potential departure to the NFL next season, the Hoosier wide receiver responded well with an injury that will keep him out two weeks. TWO WEEKS. Fortunately, Hardy only broke his ring finger during practice...not a serious injury by any means.

Not only is Hardy plagued by injury, but redshirt junior Greg Brown and tight end Nick Sexton are expected to take some time from practice. Brown suffered a left shoulder injury while Sexton's was not disclosed. Greg Brown is a pretty big loss to the program, as he started all 12 games, according to the Hoosier Report blog. In addition, he's IU's leading tackler among the defensive linemen. Indiana's problems defensively are pretty obvious, and the leading tackler getting injured is not welcome news.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hardy to NFL Next Year?

James Hardy going to the NFL after this season would be a major blow to the football program at IU. He mentioned to IndyStar's Terry Hutchens that it is possible he'd be in Orlando next season to prepare for the NFL Draft. Hardy is one of the most dangerous wide receivers in the Big Ten and he and sophomore Kellen Lewis are a lethal tandem. Now that Lewis is strong and experienced, it should be fun to see how they perform this season. But with Hardy hinting at the NFL, it will be interesting to see how the Hoosiers cope with the potential loss of their strongest receiver. Even though I'd like him to stay, he's good enough to be a top draft pick, and it would be senseless not to enter the NFL.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

IU Wins "Bill Snyder Scheduling Award"

The Indiana football team was given the inaugural "Bill Snyder Award Honoring Excellence in the Scheduling of Creampuffs and Patsies" by the AOL Sports Football FanHouse blog. The award recognizes college football teams who display exemplary skill and effort in scheduling cupcake teams to play, in order to boost their overall record and become bowl eligible. The award is named after Kansas State's football coach, Bill Snyder, who "is a legend... for his astounding non-conference schedules that presented not simply a minimal risk of loss, but usually guaranteed a 3 touchdown beatdownminimum."

Indiana won the award in the Big Ten Edition. Cupcake non-conference games include Indiana State (1-10 last year) and three MAC opponents in Western Michigan, Akron, and Ball State. The Golden Gophers of Minnesota were runner-up, as their schedule of 1-AA North Dakota State, MAC foes Bowling Green and Miami, and 1-A Florida Atlantic was not enough to keep Indiana from the top honor.

Writes author Bruce Ciskie, "Maybe IU is plotting to join the MAC."

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Random Happenings in B-town

Well...there have been two pretty significant events that have happened in B-town this week (and last). For one, there is now a new noise ordinance. It requires you to have your music at a "reasonable volume", low enough in that it can't be heard from 30 feet away. We must have some city council members who live under a rock because they apparently don't realize that Bloomington is a college town. I may not be a college student, but I certainly enjoy blaring some T.I. tracks while on the road.

Along with the noise ordinance (blah), there was a kid who was shot to death after he was seen fleeing from a burglary by a police officer. The story is actually from Gary, but it's random and it was in the local paper. The officer had no intention of shooting until the kid "tried to pull up his sagging pants, causing the officer to mistake the movement for a reach for a weapon." As a result, the kid with the sagging pants was killed. So stop wearing saggy pants. You never know. It might be your last day.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hoosiers Soccer No. 8 in Preseason Poll

The IU Men's Soccer Team was placed in the No. 8 spot by College Soccer News in a preseason poll. This year's team will feature eight returning starters from last year, which went 15-4-3 and reached the third round of the NCAA tournament before losing to Santa Clara in a shootout. Returning starters for Head Coach Mike Freitag's squad include junior Brian Ackley and sophomore Darren Yeagle, who tallied 7 goals apiece last season. IU, which has a recruiting class ranked No. 2 in the nation, is one of two Big Ten teams in the top 30, along with Northwestern, which is twentieth. Indiana will face 8 of the 30 teams in the poll next season, including home games against UCLA and Maryland. The top ten teams in the poll are:

1. UCLA (14-6-4)
2. Duke (18-3-1)
3. UC Santa Barbara (17-7-1)
4. Wake Forest (18-3-3)
5. Santa Clara (13-5-5)
6. Virginia (17-4-1)
Southern Methodist (17-2-4)
8. Indiana (15-4-3)
9. Maryland (16-5-1)
10. New Mexico (14-4-3)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

D.J. Dominant in Pan Am Games

Despite losing their first two games, D.J. White's Pan Am Team has shined in reaching the consolation finals of the Pan Am Games. After losing to Uruguay and Panama in relatively close games, White scored consecutive 22 point games in victories over a previously unbeaten Argentina team and a struggling U.S. Virgin Islands squad. His scores were team highs in both games, as well as his 13 rebounds in the win over the U.S. Virgin Islands. The U.S. Pan Am Team (2-2) will continue play in the 5th/6th place game against Panama (2-2).

Monday, July 23, 2007

White, Hibbert Choose "Class over Cash"

Let's face it. If you're really skilled in basketball and you have the option to go to the NBA and leave college early, it's basically a no-brainer. But to some, college is much more important than that. IU's D.J. White isn't the only high profile college player to choose school over the monetary rewards of the NBA. White's Pan Am teammates, Roy Hibbert, Wayne Ellington, Joey Dorsey, and Josh Carter all chose to stay in school for another year. Says Hibbert from Yahoo Sports:

"Yeah, it's OK to get drafted to make the quick money, but I'm looking for the long term, for maybe getting a second contract," he said. "I don't want to just play in the NBA. I want to have a career."

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

D.J. White to Play for Team USA

D.J. White will play on Team USA for the Pan Am Games. The 12 member squad was announced late Thursday. It's pretty impressive that D.J. made the cut, considering he went through 5 trial sessions. He'll be playing with the likes of Georgetown's Roy Hibbert and MSU's Drew Neitzel. Congrats D.J., you'll represent us well! Here's the full list.


  • Josh Carter (Texas A&M)
  • Joey Dorsey (Memphis)
  • Wayne Ellington (North Carolina)
  • Shan Foster (Vanderbilt)
  • James Gist (Maryland)
  • Roy Hibbert (Georgetown)
  • Maarty Leunen (Virginia Commonwealth)
  • Drew Neitzel (Michigan State)
  • Scottie Reynolds (Villanova)
  • Bryce Taylor (Oregon)
  • Kyle Weaver (Washington State)
  • D.J. White (Indiana)
  • Jay Wright- head coach (Villanova)
  • Mark Gottfried- assistant coach (Alabama)
  • James Jones- assistant coach (Yale)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Pre-Pre-Big Ten Standings

Based on the fact that sports enter a dull phase when baseball season rolls around, I've decided to compile a pre-pre-Big Ten standings list for next year. And for all the baseball fanatics, I have three things to tell you.

1.) Baseball sucks.
2.) Find a better sport to watch.
3.) I don't care if baseball is the only sport played during the summer...
don't watch it.

I could list a ton of reasons why baseball sucks (don't give me that face...you know it does) but I have better things to do. To keep you off my back, I'll just note that nobody tries in baseball. It's kind of like the NBA during the season, where nobody really cares about winning until they reach the playoffs. When they get to the playoffs (yes, crappy teams make the playoffs...Orlando for example) they find that they can add to their already fat paycheck by scoring a few points here or there, or maybe play some defense on some plays. So please don't whine that baseball is a real sport, cuz it's not.

Now, by this time I think it's at least somewhat clear how each of the Big Ten teams look for next season. Soooo, I've listed below my rankings of the top five teams for the 08' Big Ten season. Obviously, it's not official yet but what the heck.

1.) Michigan State
Tom Izzo has tenure at MSU and his incoming class is ranked 5th by Scout.com. It's lame to dwell on how the recruiting classes change the outcome of games, so I won't. But they have a weapon in Durrell Summers, a five star Shooting guard who averaged nearly 30 points at his high school in Michigan. It seems kind of ironic that Izzo would look for a talented shooting guard for 08' because he already has one in Neitzel, but it makes no difference. They could use some help on defense with their 245 pound Center Goran Suton, a redshirt sophomore, who led the team in turnovers and averaged less than 1 block per contest, but Izzo should have him ready to play for next season. That's why I choose MSU as my No. 1 pick for 07'.

2.) Indiana
Indiana wasn't chosen second just because I'm a Hoosier fan. The Hoosier Nation has waited way too long for another IU basketball team to fail miserably (ahem...Davis), and it definitely won't happen this year. Eric Gordon is arguably the best player in the nation, considering that he's going to a strong basketball school at Indiana while OJ Mayo is not (So. Cal). Gordon is a beast on the court, without question. Not only is he a scrappy player and plays defense, but he is silky smooth on offense and is not afraid to pound it inside. DJ White is another important highlight for next year's team, and he will not disappoint. White showed why he was one of the top big men last year, as he averaged 13.8 points and over 2 blocks per game.

3.) Ohio State
Hating Ohio State is like riding a bike. It just comes naturally. Even though I hate their guts, I still have to give them some much deserved credit. They went all the way with Oden and Conley, two stolen players who escaped our grasp via Davis. Thad Matta impressed me last year, and I think he'll continue to do so this year (just do me a favor and don't name your kid Thad, cuz he'll be...well...very Thad). Anyway, the Buckeyes should look pretty solid next year because of a few incoming recruits, even though Oden and Conley will be two tough losses. 7 foot Kosta Koufos averaged 24 points in high school, and 6'8'' Center Dallas Lauderdale should provide some much needed help on defense.

4.) Purdue
Ahhh....it looks like the lame Boilerfakers are sitting in fourth place. How depressing. I really don't understand why such a whiny baby like Matt Painter landed all those recruits, but I guess it happens. They should be fine this year, even from losing some golden recruits from last year's team. David Teague and Carl Landry were their main offensive force last year, and that Chris Kramer guy (the one that looks like a true West Lafayette native) came up with some big plays late in the year. New recruits JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore are some big time play makers. Johnson is a strong and able Power forward while Moore put on a strong showing against Eric Gordon in the Indiana state championship game to lead his East Chicago Central High School to the title. I see Purdue being a contender in the Big Ten, but more of a force next year, when their incoming players have more experience.
5.) Illinois
Bruce Weber is a complete goof. I absolutely hate it when he reacts to calls (good calls most of the time) because his mouth is always gaping open. Even worse, he thinks he can coach. And IU taking Eric Gordon away from his little fingers was awesome. The fact that Weber acted like a jerk about the whole thing just shows what kind of program he's running at U of I. Warren Carter was their best player last year (yes, the tall dude with the wacky dreds) and now that he's gone they're soooooo screwed. Shaun Pruitt was OK last year, but the main reason Illinois is #5 is because the bottom of the Big Ten is relatively weak and they have a decent player with Demetri McCamey, who should offset the loss of shaggy (Carter). I don't expect em' to go too far in 07'.